Sunday, February 18, 2007


Now that I've got a raise, perhaps I want to save the extra cash. and perhaps I want to spend it. Here's some things I just might consider. (Lucky for me, it's on sale too)
Lux Brushed Babydoll Top
Kimchi & Blue Babydoll Cardigan
imogene sweaterI guess I'm in a delicate mood.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My face is a mess

With sensitive, easily scarred, and blemished skin, finding products that don't irritate my skin is hard. But I can't escape the thought that maybe more products will help. More products like these:
Eye Intensifier Pencil
Go Bare, Baby ($66 Value)
I've been watching too much QVC. I got stuck on the special beauty hour. Everytime I see a new product I want to buy it. The addiction to buying beauty products stems from the delusion that the next product I buy just might be the one magic product that will give me that little nudge I need to push me into supermodel status. (little nudge is an understatement)