Saturday, July 18, 2009

Loving It Slowdown

Having a blog dedicated to positivity and things you love is GREAT! It makes you focus on the good in your life. But when you start to notice a hiatus from entries...uh oh. Maybe you're not looking hard enough for that silver lining.

After a few weeks back at school, I had a hard time thinking of things I loved. I could only dwell on the stress and craziness I had to look forward to each and every morning. So I decided to comfort myself with a few purchases. A new pixie haircut for the summer, a nice dress for the sweltering Valley days, a neon green t-shirt for weekends, a cute brown belt for dresses, some new teacher pants from Gap and a white cardigan for the cool evenings. And I haven't even hit up the Nordstrom anniversary sale yet. Hollah! Do I have a problem? NO, I am merely trying to mask my internal struggles by looking damn good on the outside. Now I'm going to get dressed in my fun weekend clothes and feel good about myself until Monday. I love weekends!