Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's True

I'm a lip gloss fiend. I have an endless urge to buy shiny tubes of sparkly pinks and nudes. It all started in high school with the strawberry bonne bell, then I turned to lip smackers, and now no less than a Sephora brand will suffice.

After all my experiences with lip gloss I have found that most of my glosses are in the same color family, with very subtle differences. For example one might have the same base color but just slightly more gold flecks. I'm not sure what's wrong with me. But Sev says one day the money I've spent on my lip gloss addiction will justify his purchase of an extravagant car. I disagree.

Take a look at my current lip gloss collection:

At one point I think I had over 20, but I've downsized. In case you're wondering how often one has to purchase a lip gloss to accrue this many, I'll lay your curiosities to rest...at least one purchase every 2 months. See, I'm not that bad. One could easily buy a lip gloss a week. I have self-control.