Monday, January 25, 2010

Reason #147

I love my brother. He makes me potato soup when I'm sick. Not just any potato soup either. Potato soup with a sour cream, butter, and cheese base. Oh yea, and bacon. It's called baked potato soup. If my brother loved you, you'd be lucky enough to get some when you got sick too. It makes this phlegm, gooey, watery eye thing a tad more bearable.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reason #587

Reason #587 I love my husband:
On the couch today he turns to me and says, "I found something for us to watch tonight."
I'm thinking there must be a Laker game or something. But no, he's talking about "The Notebook." And no, he was not joking. He actually admitted to me that he likes the movie. Somewhere in there is a romantic. I knew it!
*As with many other popular things. I was also once a hater of this movie (like twilight) and refused to watch it for years. One winter day visiting my grandma, Sevan and I found it in their house and decided to watch it. Now, I love it! It makes it even more enjoyable for me since I think the leading man looks like my hubby :)