Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Spring Break That Will Live in Infamy

Ah...Spring Break.  A time to to take a short respite from the hustle and bustle of the school year.  A one week opportunity to get away from the mundane.  A last chance to vacation before the summer arrives.  But for one not so lucky teacher, it has become a week to recover from the extremely potent germs bestowed upon her by her oh so sweet students.  Like a gift really, a streptococcal wrapped gift.  One that once opened, will grace you with the most painful of swallows, fever, and headaches.  If you like that, then perhaps your students will hide in that gift a little extra surprise.  Maybe a little pink eye will catch your fancy?  Well, my students were just that generous.  You can imagine how this present unraveled on our trip to wine country.  I'll spare you the gooey details.

And now, spring break is half way over! Just thinking about it makes me ill.  It has got me chanting, "I can't wait for  summer."  I had all these great craft projects lined up, work projects to do, and redecorating to accomplish.  All I can say to console myself now is..."I'm going to do all of this...when it's summer."

With that, I cross my fingers and hope that the next few months are phlegm free.