Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just My Style

Check out this cozy/romantic/chic decor:

It uses practically all my favorite home colors: robin's egg blue, mustard yellow, white, blush...
If you click on the link, you can see all the other equally as fabulous rooms.
As you can see, with all this apartment envy, I can't wait to transform our bedroom.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Taken Over

I think this spider has taken over our balcony:

File:Zygiella x-notata f.jpg

After twisting its web up in a leaf, sucking it up in a vacuum, and avoiding the balcony altogether, I forfeit.  This spider is relentless.  It works each morning to weave its intricate web.  It's quite pretty too, sometimes the patterns almost look like messages.  Too bad the creature that constructs it gives me the willies.

I read that spiders live as long as two years, so I guess it'll be about that long until we can enjoy our balcony again...wait a second, what if it has babies!?! great.

My only hope is that a vicious bird comes by and snatches it up for lunch.  C'mon birdies, it's nice and juicy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ode to the World Cup

This is about as sporty as I get. I heard Mexico had a crazy win today, so in honor of the motherland, and for all of you 10 Things I Hate About You fans, Rudo y Cursi fans, World Cup fans, and Gael fans...

I don't know if it's the voice, the outfit, or the rockin' scenery, but that is one HOT video.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Granny Home!?!

My brother just said that if I continue down this route of extreme crafts, my home very well might turn out looking like a Grandma's home.  Hmmm....didn't think this through.  But, if it must be so, I suppose it is my destiny.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Craftsy Home

A home with personal handmade touches makes for cozy.  That's why I've decided to put my touch on things around our home.  After hemming our interim dining room curtains today, reading an email about making cool wedding crafts, and receiving a text message from a friend wanting a "craft day," I caught the bug. 

The bug nudged me to walk to Borders and find the Crafts section.  I perused a few sewing books and stumbled upon a book that would give me lots of fun little projects to take on, with little fabric to buy.  Yes my friends, there is indeed a book entitled: One-Yard Wonders.  For all of you who have random yards of fabric lying around, there are tons of ideas on how to use it all up.
My first project is going to be travel place mats for future summer picnics.  (Will post when completed)

As for those curtains I hemmed today, I'm still in search of the perfect cream fabric with a large bold yellow pattern.  Until then, these will have to do.  (Check out my babies: They're flowering!)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Il Bel Far Niente or The Beauty of Doing Nothing

Yes, that's my lot these days.  I have the tough job of making a day add up to all the things I want to take from it, which is much easier than it sounds. 

On the days when I don't have to meet my gym buddy at an "early" class, my body gets the day started by sleeping in.  After my eyes refuse to be closed for a minute more, I feel a twinge of guilt for having wasted a beautiful morning.  This guilt usually compels me to go out for a late morning "run." By run, I mean jog lightly for a block, and then continue the rest of the way at a light stroll checking out the neighborhood gardens.  Right now I'm in love with this English Garden front yard a few blocks down.

After I've successfully worked out, I'll look around the house for something to clean.  Nothing too dirty of course, I don't want to waste precious time in rubber gloves.  No, I like to do something like unload the dishwasher, or one load of laundry, or on a really ambitious afternoon I'll even dust a bookshelf or two.  Like today, I transplanted a geranium into a new pot, tried to sand a leg on a wooden chair, then decided I need to enjoy a warm shower.

By the time I was done getting myself clean it was already 1:30!  Whoa, time flies.  At this point I started to get hungry, so a trip to the market was in order.  Oh, the market when  you're not in a rush can be a pretty magnificent place.  I filled my cart with cheeses, bread, vegetables, fruit, wine...all the essentials. 

The freedom of eating anything you desire all at once is pretty refreshing.  No one's there telling you, "That's not a meal!" or "Where's the meat?" or "You should really eat better."  Nope, just me, telling my tummy, "Let's try bread with vinegar and blue cheese, maybe some arugula, ooooh and those sweet farmer's market strawberries."

Good thing I listened to myself, it was a tasty meal!

Now, as I sit on my balcony (a.k.a. new favorite spot) I realize my day is but 5 hours old, and I wonder how I'll fill the remaining 10.  But I'm not too worried, I'm sure I'll find something great to do.

This art of doing nothing really is grand!