Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New World of Shopping

Now that we're thinking of building a home of our own. It has opened the door to websites I've never before frequented. That's right the genre of home furnishing websites. I still haven't built up the best repertoire of sites, so if there are any suggestions out there for inspiration or bargains, send them my way. First article to purchase: a sofa. My current couch is about 5 years old, and at $600 was not built to last. It's dilapidated and saggy, and while it is the perfect napping place, sitting on it can be quite painful. If you think you want to sit on the outer cushions, you'll be squashing the person on the center cushion in no time. yep, no use moving it to our new home. Might as well save the elbow grease of moving it in a few months. Here are some replacements I've been looking at (prices may affect purchase):

Modern yet retro

Soft yet bulky
These are both from plummer's, the most affordable yet fashionable site I could find.

Loring Sofas

Paloma Sofas
More cute choices from Room and Board. Not sure how the pillow backs would last though.

Any other suggestions in a similar vein?