Sunday, December 30, 2007

gots me some boots

I wanted a pair of leopard print flats and I wound up with these. How did that happen? I don't know, but I like my incidental find. I had been wanting a pair of cowboyesque boots, and I think these are close enough. The leopard print flats have been put on hold for now. I try to limit shoe purchases to at the most one pair a month. See you in February.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Wish You a Merry Christmas

But why aren't you wishing me a merry christmas? Is it too early to receive Christmas cards? I like to send mine first week of December. But so far I have one from the Carlstones, one from my roommate, and one from UCLA. That's right, UCLA sent me a Christmas card. I think Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about the holiday. I love picking out the perfect card, writing sentimental messages in them, and knowing someone might be excited to get it in the mail. I also love receiving them. I just like having the cards all lined up on my mantle, and thinking about the people that wrote them. And everyday I check the mailbox eagerly awaiting a new Christmas treat. Sadly, every day I am disappointed. Come on friends, why aren't you as eager about the Christmas season as I am!?! There are only 2 weeks left.
P.S. my favorite image of Christmas this year is the Christmas Chihuahua. You'll appreciate it too when you get your card from me:)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Officially Christmas

With the passing of Thanksgiving, I find myself overwhelmed by an urge to send Christmas cards right away. I love sending them and receiving them. I like sending them the week after thanksgiving so that they can sit on the mantle of one's fireplace for a whole month possibly infecting an entire household with the Christmas spirit. While it may seem like I have lots of holiday spirit to spare, trust me it runs out about the second week of December, after I've gone shopping for gifts numerous times unsuccessfully, and can no longer take the holiday commercials or packed malls, or even a Christmas tune.
I know a lot of people like to put up lists for gift ideas, and I know a lot of people like to get these hints to avoid defeat at the malls. While I generally like the idea of buying someone something you think they'll like, even if they don't (been there), I'm going to put up some things that can give a person an idea of my style at the moment, and potential starting points.
The long/loose cardigan: Lux Thermal Cardigan Lux Basic Long Cardigan
The vest: Lux Double Knit VestBorrowed From the Boys Vest
The flannel shirt:

Kimchi & Blue Mackenzie Plaid Blouse
The if-I-had-boobs shirt:Free People Royal Paisley Top
Other tops that I like:
Tracey Striped CardiganKimchi & Blue Silk Dot BlouseLux Pleated Bib Babydoll
Brushed Mandarin Placket Top LUX BRUSHED HENLEY
And of course socks and stockings:
Chunky Ribbed Tights

Maybe this gives you a peek into what Mary might want this Christmas. More peeks to come.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Poor Toe

Last night I went to a Karaoke birthday party for someone I hadn't seen in 5 years. It turned out to be more fun than awkward, even when I sang (and I can't sing) Kelly Clarkson. What does a toe have to do with this story? Well...I decided to wear my new patent leather heels to the event to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. The moment I got out of the car and my sole hit the pavement a tingling overcame my right foot. This tingling turned into a numbing of my big toe. People, my toe is still numb! I learned a few things last night:
1) Karaoke parties are fun
2) I should keep in touch with Eunice
and 3) I'm doomed to wear flats forever

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Where are my scissors!?!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Mission Accomplished

While I may not have accomplished any professional goals over this break, I managed to find the three must haves of the season (according to Mary). I got my black bag, and today at Nordie's I got the last two on the list. The shoes may not be suede, but patent will do. I have actually been eying them for quite some time. But my size was never there. I just happened to peruse the Macy's sale rack and tahdah! Fate.
Check 'em out:

Love it.
And after about a year of hunting for skinny jeans, I finally found them. And you'll never believe the price. My well-known dilemma of having short legs has stunted my search for the perfect skinny jean. Apparently only model sized women are supposed to wear them. So imagine my surprise when my visit to the b.p. section ended with a pair that actually fit. But these jeans had no price tag, and I was worried I'd have to pay the price for the perfect pant. I looked around aimlessly trying to find where I had found them. Finally a sales woman saw me searching frantically and said she'd check with her manager for the price. Drumroll please....I paid a whole 10$ for my amazing fit pant! (apparently they were a return that was supposed to be sent to the Rack. What are the chances!?! Looks like the shopping gods were definitely on my side today.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On Vacation=Spending Problem

Being on vacation I have learned 3 things. 1) I am addicted to television (mainly reality tv, if it stars a washed up has been or has anything to do with dramatic competition, I'll watch it.) 2) I need human contact 3) I like to shop WAY too much. With all those realizations, #3 is the most dangerous. For it has caused me to spend, spend, spend. October's paycheck is a fading memory by now. "What does she spend her money on?" you might be asking. Well when I'm on vacation I take up things like cooking and think I need a spice rack, new kitchen utensils, a spoon rest, new pot holders.... I like to clean the apartment which means I need all new cleaning supplies of course. Oh and I need to get a cut and color to feel fabulous on vacation. Some new makeup couldn't hurt either. And after watching all those reality shows about what not to wear, I naturally need a new wardrobe. naturally. While a new wardrobe may be out of my fast fading budget right now. I still have some change left over and it's ready to be spent on a few essential pieces that will help me become "Fashionista Mary." Here are some pieces I'm keeping my eyes peeled for:
1) black suede heels
2)dark skinny jeans (for short legged folk)
3)new bag

Of these three items, I have finally found one...a new bag.
Here it is:
It's cute, practical, and black. perfect. (In my hunt for a bag I found that after my first real leather bag I can no longer purchase pleather, it just feels wrong. Hence my dilemma in trying to find a real leather bag that was affordable and yet still chic. It was tough, do you know how much bags are these days!?!)
Now for those shoes and pants.

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Woman Can Never Have Too Many Shoes

Or can she? I've fallen victim to the ole saying and now I have a closet full of shoes and not enough shoe caddies for all the footwear. I think I've purchased an average of a pair a month for the past year. That would bring me to about 8 new shoes this year. September's pair is pending. Here's what I'm considering:
As the salesman at Lorin said, "They don't look that special on the shelf, but they look great on." I've tried them and can testify his words are true. I want...
I can't remember who asked me, but they asked if I shopped a lot. I said, "yea, I'm probably trying to fill some sort of void I'm not aware of." While I haven't figured out what exactly I'm trying to satisfy, Lord knows the void is not in my closet. Still, I could make room for these.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I have no self control

I think I have a problem with self control. Yesterday I admired the perfumed scent of my friend Pam. I inquired which of the bottled concoctions she was wearing. I got the name of the perfume, and decided I would buy it. So, this afternoon I could not concentrate on anything but buying that perfume; until finally I gave in and dragged Kiyomi to Sephora so I could own it. Now that I've thoroughly intrigued you with the mystery of this fabulous scent. Tadah!
It is Burberry London.
Burberry London
I know, I know, how dark side can I be? Even the perfume is bougie, I mean it won't even let you see it's bottle, it's all covered up like a prim and proper lady.
I Love It!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I can't wait

for my birthday!!! for vacation in Argentina and Brazil!!! for no more work and for sleeping in everyday!!! (at least for a month)
I think I need a few new outfits to lead this laid back, fun, exciting, adventurous newfound life of mine.
I think these items might help:
Matiko Cutout SkimmerPeeptoe D'Orsay Flat
Kimchi & Blue 40's Tapered Waist Floral Dressharissa dress
I can't wait for summer weather. After a taste of it today, I'm ready!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Now that I've got a raise, perhaps I want to save the extra cash. and perhaps I want to spend it. Here's some things I just might consider. (Lucky for me, it's on sale too)
Lux Brushed Babydoll Top
Kimchi & Blue Babydoll Cardigan
imogene sweaterI guess I'm in a delicate mood.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My face is a mess

With sensitive, easily scarred, and blemished skin, finding products that don't irritate my skin is hard. But I can't escape the thought that maybe more products will help. More products like these:
Eye Intensifier Pencil
Go Bare, Baby ($66 Value)
I've been watching too much QVC. I got stuck on the special beauty hour. Everytime I see a new product I want to buy it. The addiction to buying beauty products stems from the delusion that the next product I buy just might be the one magic product that will give me that little nudge I need to push me into supermodel status. (little nudge is an understatement)

Monday, January 08, 2007

I want I want I want

Out of sheer boredom tonight I decided to surf the web in hopes to find something to purchase, despite the fact that I HATE shopping online. (Don't get me started on the ridiculousness of UPS.) Lo and behold I find three things on SALE with FREE shipping!
I'm not quite sure if I should get all three or a combination of two. cool urban fashion clothing
cool urban fashion clothingcool urban fashion clothing

Could it be I like brown? I can't tell if any of these pieces would actually ever get used.