Monday, January 14, 2008

The Shoes in the Running

I know I vowed never to buy another pair of heels, but I just can't see the birthday dress being worn with flats. Finding a pair of heels is much harder than I thought. Perhaps that's why I don't really own any. Here is what is attracting my eye. In short it is a heeled peep toe in a rich fabric like suede or a high contrast material like patent leather. Amazing discovery: two shoes can look nearly identical, yet cost very different prices.
Example given:

The pink ones are $500, while the red are under $200.
Does it look like a $300 difference to you?
GUESS? 'Pyramid' Pump
I really like these, but they might be a bit prommy. Love the color though.
Tribeca Be Nice
These might make my feet look like little presents from my legs.
Franco Sarto ChiliMISS SIXTY IreneCalvin Klein Uma
More peep toe.

BCBGirls OrianaSteve Madden 'Swype' Pump
And some more clones.
It's amazing that the birthday party shoes are going to cost even more than the birthday party dress. My goal: find a pair of shoes that look like $500 but cost less than $100.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Birthday Party Dress Club

BCBGMAXAZRIA Strapless Metallic Lace Dress
My Birthday Party Dress
Esther had the revolutionary idea of giving us an excuse to buy expensive, beautiful dresses. The idea: Buy a dress we'd normally not have occasion to wear, and wear it to each other's birthday parties. Of course, since these dresses are pricey, we'll wear the same dress to all birthdays in 2008. Regardless of birthday activity this dress will be worn, whether to the bowling alley, a bar, club, restaurant, or minigolf. Leading to future conversations that sound like this:
Esther: "Who's birthday was that?"
Esther:"Hmmm, are you sure?"
Me: "Yea look at my hair, that was my birthday."
Someone commented that this was the way "poor people" celebrate. My response: "So! It is our chance to feel special!"
Today we went on the hunt for our Birthday Party Dresses. Behold the beauty that is mine.
In fact, this very dress is one that I have admired all year long in the BCBG window of Westside Pavilion. I never would have thought I'd have reason to buy it or even try it on. Thank you Esther for giving me that opportunity!
This dress will not just be the Birthday Party Dress, but I have a strong feeling that it will make appearances at weddings in '08 too :)
Now I just need to buy shoes and make up to complete the princess feel. At first I thought I should get pink heels, but have been convinced to go with teal or red, though deep brown and green were also suggested. Shoe options to come.
But isn't this dress the prettiest!?!
**If you too would like to have an excuse to buy a fancy dress and look gorgeous, just let me know. I'll invite you to my birthday party.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's not a wallet

My New Year gift of 2008:

It's not a Hobo wallet like I was expecting, it's better. I thought for sure all my hints about needing a new leather wallet were going to guide the sevanator. But, it turns out he surprised me with something else I've been wanting but have been too modest to ask for. You know how when someone gets a new gadget they use it all the time? Yea, that's me now. So get ready for me to capture digital images of You! The next time you see me make sure you're wearing your cutest outfit and fix up your hair. I'm the new paparazzi. BEWARE!