Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On Vacation=Spending Problem

Being on vacation I have learned 3 things. 1) I am addicted to television (mainly reality tv, if it stars a washed up has been or has anything to do with dramatic competition, I'll watch it.) 2) I need human contact 3) I like to shop WAY too much. With all those realizations, #3 is the most dangerous. For it has caused me to spend, spend, spend. October's paycheck is a fading memory by now. "What does she spend her money on?" you might be asking. Well when I'm on vacation I take up things like cooking and think I need a spice rack, new kitchen utensils, a spoon rest, new pot holders.... I like to clean the apartment which means I need all new cleaning supplies of course. Oh and I need to get a cut and color to feel fabulous on vacation. Some new makeup couldn't hurt either. And after watching all those reality shows about what not to wear, I naturally need a new wardrobe. naturally. While a new wardrobe may be out of my fast fading budget right now. I still have some change left over and it's ready to be spent on a few essential pieces that will help me become "Fashionista Mary." Here are some pieces I'm keeping my eyes peeled for:
1) black suede heels
2)dark skinny jeans (for short legged folk)
3)new bag

Of these three items, I have finally found one...a new bag.
Here it is:
It's cute, practical, and black. perfect. (In my hunt for a bag I found that after my first real leather bag I can no longer purchase pleather, it just feels wrong. Hence my dilemma in trying to find a real leather bag that was affordable and yet still chic. It was tough, do you know how much bags are these days!?!)
Now for those shoes and pants.