Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Watch

I've decided it's okay to spend a lot of money on one nice item each paycheck. Leaving me unable to afford any other nice material object. Seeing how the band of my cute watch from Korea has already ripped, a new watch was a must for this month. I've been wanting a big metal watch for years. I've finally found one that is big enough, light enough, and just feminine enough. Check it out:

You can't see the mother of pearl face as much, but I love it.
I wonder what I'll get next month!?!

Monday, September 04, 2006

bathroom quandary

I'm one of those that likes to buy new things instead of cleaning old ones. Yes, I'm a wasteful consumer. But it gives one a chance to reinvent their habitat every once in a while. Today's focus: the bathroom. Out with the blue bathmat stained with hair dye.
In with the new:

I then realize that my new bath mat does not match the tumbler, jar, and wastebin of yore. In fact the seashell and seagrass embossed bath ensemble MUST go. What follows is an exhaustive search of Bed Bath and Beyond, Ross, Marshalls, Target, and Cost Plus to find the right bathroom accessories.
I've got it narrowed down to two possibly three options, maybe four.

Option 1: medium wood paired with glass jars
Option 2: latte bamboo set from West Elm
Option 3: espresso bamboo set from West Elm
I can't decide.