Monday, January 19, 2009

If I Were a Rich Man...

la da da da da da da da da da da da da da da deee...
I'd have a wedding planner and a clear design scheme.
But alas, I am not rich...
So no wedding planner for me, and all my random design ideas that don't go together are making the vision muddled.

Example #1: The dress
-I have a real form fitting dress (no ruffles, lace, or frills)
-Birdcage veil
-but now I want this bolero and it doesn't go with the look:
Scalloped Bridal Shrug- White or Ivory lace (Beaded)

Example #2: The Hair
-On the one hand I want to have my hair pulled into a bun, but my hair is so short
-On the other, loose waves with chin length hair seems a good alternative
Naomi Watts's Wavy Medium Hairstyle

This confusion and indecision carries over into the floral arrangements, reception decor, and favors. I see all these cute websites about beautiful weddings and I wish I could have a cute "vintage" wedding. Or a "romantic" wedding. But I'm having some trouble planning it.
I think I lack the ability to envision how all parts look together. And now I'm doomed to have a wedding that will make people barf at the sloppiness of it all.