Sunday, May 06, 2007

I have no self control

I think I have a problem with self control. Yesterday I admired the perfumed scent of my friend Pam. I inquired which of the bottled concoctions she was wearing. I got the name of the perfume, and decided I would buy it. So, this afternoon I could not concentrate on anything but buying that perfume; until finally I gave in and dragged Kiyomi to Sephora so I could own it. Now that I've thoroughly intrigued you with the mystery of this fabulous scent. Tadah!
It is Burberry London.
Burberry London
I know, I know, how dark side can I be? Even the perfume is bougie, I mean it won't even let you see it's bottle, it's all covered up like a prim and proper lady.
I Love It!