Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Now that vacation is nearing, I'm thinking of all the wonderful projects I want to get my hands on. There seems to be an overwhelming number of them this time around. And I have that problem where once I start something and then I walk by something else I stop what I'm doing and start that other project and then I take a break and start another project and then I have 20 things going on and none of them gets finished. Yea, that's me. 2 unfinished paintings, wallpaper half stripped, closet half organized...ME!

So number one on the start up list: Finish the bedroom!
The husband has given me free reign to make it as romantic and french as I want since our living space has turned out pretty modern. So I'm thinking...Lilac walls, but you know the gray kind of lilac...and since our bedroom is so large, I'm thinking of mirrors and an ottoman.
But the mirrors are where I get a little confused. I really want this(the ottoman included):

since our bedroom lacks a full-length mirror. But I don't have $900 lying around.

This little look is enticing too, and at $30 quite a bargain. But, that doesn't solve the full-length mirror issue.
Not sure if these serious decisions are actually going to get made in the next few weeks.