Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interesting Wall Ideas

Now that our walls are the perfect shade of cloud.  I need to find some way to adorn them.  The main hurdle is finding something to make the large dining room wall seem less overwhelming.
I contemplated a large self made oil painting, or a credenza with large framed posters layered on it leaning against the wall, I even thought about a huge watercolor to decorate it.  I also ran through putting up shelving and layering photos against the wall that way.  But I feel that our home would be full of too many versions of the layered/salon style framed wall.  So, last night the husband helped me find some ideas.

The first is probably my favorite.  I think we may be sold on this idea.  It's even in our colors!

The second is also tempting.  I was thinking I could showcase the same fabric patterns that would be featured in my quilt throw in the living room.  That way both rooms could be tied together.  I think this is probably the more affordable of the two options.
As you can see, we are trying to throw tradition out the window with our least in the dining room. :)

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